Suez Basketball Senior Social Club Association Vic Inc
The committee now consists of the following members: Hon President: Mr. Stavros Roumeliotis. Hon Vice President:  Mr. Maddy Hussein Hon Secretary: Mr.  Mr. Nikolas Roumeliotis Hon Treasurer Mr.:  Mr. Maddy Hussein Assistant Treasurer: Mrs. Rita Hussein Committee Members:Catherine Hoareau, Rene Hoareau, Amal Diab, Monika Soost, Solon Iliadis.
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1105 Huntingdale VIC 3166
Registered Office: 100 Borg Crescent Scoresby VIC 3179
2011 Pan-Hellenic Games at Victoria
Early Sixties, Melbourne: The first Suez Basketball team 
2012-Thae Original Suez Basketball women's team
This is the wining teaam of Suez Basketball Premiers back to back 2011 and 2012
Receiving the medals
Anna Hussein & Stavros
    2012:    The    Original    Suez    Basketball    women's    team played   in   the   Grand   Final   at   the   Melbourne   Sports   and Aquatic Centre. The   girls   dominated   the   season,   finishing   on   the   top   of the    ladder.    As    the    favorites    for    the    finals,    the    girls showed their skills, playing extremely hard.          This   paid   off   and   they   were   able to   win   the   grand   final,   beating   the other team by fifteen points. It   is   the   first   time   that   the   Girls team       won       back       to       back Premierships in 2011 and 2012.           With     the     2012     team     Anna Hussein   played   after   the   absence of 25 years. She    came    back    from    Greece    to    stay    permanent    in Melbourne   Australia.   Anna   started   Basketball   at   the   age of 12 when she came from Cairo Egypt and Stavros Roumeliotis coached Anna from that age.
2011: The   only   team   that   was   involved   in   finals was   the   Women’s   team   all   though   they   finished   on top    of    the    ladder    again    this    year    they    were      runners up, Better luck next Year
September 2012 Foul - Falafel & gelabia night
2012:The SBSSC hosted a winery tour for its members to the Yarra Valley
On Saturday 31/03/2012 we held a Bamia & Rice night.
January 2012:At the first function of the year we enjoyed traditional Foul & Falafel.
Christmas function on the 17/12/2011  Father Christmas is Joan Tsotsos
2011: Τhe aborigines of Australia  dancing group in Darwin
DJ Nikolas Roumeliotis
The belly dancer 
2011: The Saturday Night Foul & Falafel
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